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Welcome to the SJAC Feltonfleet website. It is our aim to provide a fun and fulfilling environment for every athlete that takes part in SJAC athletics sessions. We run, jump and throw; have fun, learn and measure performance. For more information, please see the About the SJAC page.

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Added: 12th October 18 @ 9:19 pm

Hello Parents,

Just a quick email to let you know that the SJAC - Feltonfleet website is now operational. Please take a look at the following links to follow the progress of your children.

Athletes & Coaches

This weeks Personal Best Performances

All Performances

Please also look out for personal email updates where your children have achieved Personal Best performances and/or attained Gold, Silver or Bronze standards.

Hope your children are enjoying our sessions.



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Events will be added soon

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Athlete of the month

Name: Maria Lopez-Sostres
Date added: 12th February 2019

December Athlete of the Month - Maria has achieved lots of Personal Bests this month, has put in lots of effort and challenges herself with a great enthusiastic attitude.

Current top performers

Boys Girls
  • Jack Amos
  • Cameron Rendall
  • Zac Ridgewell
  • Freddie Gill
  • Luke Towers
  • Jessie Gould
  • Alex Harman
  • Jack Prottey
  • Archie Skinner
  • Miles Hinxman
  • Tabitha Brown
  • Annabel Ferguson
  • Gemma Masters
  • Tilly Swift
  • Natasha Handley
  • Olivia Tufts
  • Scarlett Thorneycroft
  • Ella Graham
  • Lucia Knight
  • Lexie Webber