About SJAC - Feltonfleet

Our Philosophy

It is our aim to provide a fun and fulfilling environment for every athlete that takes part in SJAC athletics sessions. We run, jump and throw; have fun, learn and measure performance.

Time: Wednesday & Thursday
Feltonfleet Preparatory School Byfleet Road, Cobham, Surrey, KT11 1DR
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Age Group: School Years 3 - 8
Price: £5.00/session.
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4:00pm - 4:15pm


4:15pm - Whole Group Warm-Up.
4:25pm - 2 activities run concurrently with one coach per activity. Focus: Fun, practice and learning.
4:45pm - 2 activities run concurrently with one coach per activity. Focus: Performance.
4:55pm - Whole Group Running Activity.
5:10pm - Cool-down and stretching.

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Safety and discipline

Although the focus of each session is to achieve a fun and fulfilling environment, safety is always a priority. We expect good standards of behaviour from the athletes so that safety can be maintained. Should the behaviour standards of an athlete cause a potential risk to safety then they will be given a warning. A maximum of 3 warnings gained by an athlete within a school term will result in that athlete being barred from attending SJAC - Feltonfleet for the remainder of that school term. They will be able to return to the club on the commencement of a new school term.

Appropriate Clothing/Equipment

Shorts, T-Shirt, trainers and a drink.

Further information

For further information please contact us.

Future Events

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Athlete of the month

Name: Maria Lopez-Sostres
Date added: 12th February 2019

December Athlete of the Month - Maria has achieved lots of Personal Bests this month, has put in lots of effort and challenges herself with a great enthusiastic attitude.

Current top performers

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